The secret of change is to focus on building the new.


The kreait core team is highly experienced in delivering outstanding digital strategies across dozens of industries. From fashion to football to extreme sports, we’ve helped some of the world’s biggest brands to concept and launch digital products, events and huge campaigns.  Our approach is hands-on and focused on results. We’re not about barraging you with 100-slide presentations and indecipherable graphs – we aim to provide ready-to-implement, inspiring strategies that are realistic and insane at the same time, along with a concrete plan for rollout. 


What outcome from a workshop can you usually count on besides spending the whole day in one room with at least 10 others? A bunch of half baked ideas for a new project or business plan? Could be. Or you do what T-Online did. They asked us to prepare and execute a Disruptive Workshop that had one goal: make people leave their mental comfort zone! We developed scenarios with the team of T-Online that have the chance to annihilate their business in a couple of years. Specialists were flown in from Berlin and Dubai or broadcasted live from New York to speak to them about the change in journalism that will hit Germany soon. We analysed T-Online’s assets and pain points and focused on strategies that are ready to face the future.



Our international network includes accomplished  IT experts, with experience ranging from developing websites and apps, to running the entire IT architecture behind online services and events.  We also regularly organise hackathons, to help a client learn from the innovative minds out there, or to try out something new to satisfy our own curiosity. 


From consulting on IT architecture to building the flagship club competition app for iOS and Android, we’ve built a close relationship with Europe’s largest football organisation. As their partner on many projects, we’ve worked with top UX, Visual Design and Development experts, and grown our network in the process. Recently, we provided ground support for the European Championship in Paris.  NEWS: The app has hit 5 million downloads!



Business keeps changing, and we aim to stay on the cutting edge with new approaches, techniques and tools to keep us and our partners moving forward.  Where will you be in 5 or 10 years from now? Will your business as it still exist? In the last decade, many big companies did a great job with what they did, but had to reinvent themselves to stay ahead. Together we can define threats and chances in this fast spinning world.


Before kreait even existed, the future founders already ran the first agile projects at ProSiebenSat.1 Media, one of Germany’s largest media and broadcast companies. These early projects were a milestone for ProSiebenSat.1 Media and set sails for for their transformation to a highly advanced digital media company. We’re proud that we were able to help them boost. To this day we have stayed connected and are happy to be called in for consulting, development or inspiration.



Your markets and competitors are constantly changing, and so are we and our mindset. Our training workshops will teach your team members the fundamentals of lean and agile methodology, change management and software development, and help create an innovation culture in your business so each employee can make the most of their creative spark. 


What's best about watching TV? To lean back and be entertained, of course! Without having to check for the next video every few minutes. And what's worst about watching TV? Not to see the newest, trendiest, most exciting content your nerdy internet friends will all be talking about. Here's where Quazer joins the game. With a bunch of managed and personalised channels they combine the best of both worlds. We were happy to support their improvements in process and change management as well as their infrastructure. With the help of our network, we were able to provide new input and consultation to both team members and executives.