We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.

We see development and structure assessment of software architectures as well as API design not as a single gig. In connection with other services we design highly scalable infrastructure concepts in long term partnerships. The one-size-fits-all solution will never be perfect for you, so we customize your IT architecture to your needs until it fits like a glove. By tackling one issue at a time, we grow it more robust, more reliable and more able to withstand high traffic.
We are well experienced in designing state of the art APIs that are used by different web and mobile products. We help to improve and modernize existing APIs as well as setting them up from scratch to become platform independent and to make them easily expandable for future services.
We proudly look back on a long history of developing websites since the early days of the World Wide Web and never stopped learning and improving our abilities. Today we are a highly specialized and experienced partner in software development and in enabling innovative products and services, ranging from strategy and concept development and design to technical development. We are involved from Rapid Prototype Developments to award-winning websites, e-Commerce, Online Video, Mobile Apps and Mobile Services to Social Media. Our highly specialized and experienced core team, as well as a selected network of experts allows us to develop rapidly and steadily.
We are an early mover on app development for iPhone, iPad and Android. With our help our clients have been able straight from the beginning to set a foot into the new market. Our experienced team created iOS and Android apps that are downloaded and used millionfold worldwide.
The build-measure-learn mantra teaches us to constantly check what we are doing and to steer our work towards the fields that yield the highest gain. The permanently adjusted workload helps the client and the team to work efficiently and effectively on a product to be able to release it on time, in budget and with high quality. We helped many teams to use data to focus on the features that bring the project closer to its goals and are happy to share our experience with you.
Setting up new infrastructures or enhancing the one you already use, sets the foundation of your products and services. We have established stable and resourceful infrastructures for clients who have millions of customers per day and want to provide an easily utilization to them.
Increasing automation allows your IT infrastructure to minimize costs and risks of failure while improving speed and reliability of your setup. We have a long-term experience in creating automated structures that allow our clients to rely on their infrastructure
Have you ever wondered how to benefit from analytics in your particular field of industry based on your business needs or concerning real time matches? How to enable all of your company’s business units to use analytics of a specific other unit without having to ask the IT department? We offer our support in 3 different steps: First of all it is important to know that even if the sources are heterogeneous and not structured, it is possible to extract, transform and load the data for your specific needs. Second we provide advice on how to give value to loaded data within a data warehouse. The third step is to understand how to use the newly gained data for analytics on different devices and application like mobile apps, websites, intranet or collaborations. We offer support concerning your queries concerning data-driven procedure models, marketing actions, products and services and are all set to consult you as a sparring partner.
If you are looking for professional advice on software architecture, infrastructure or process improvement, we offer deep dive analysis, reviews and assessments. With our long term experience in many different business aspects, from process optimization to system and software architecture, business structure and skill economy, we are able to scribble and suggest various scenarios which will help you to take the decision that suits your product best. Your infrastructure is all set, but your team is not yet ready for the digital transformation? We support and instruct teams during this indispensable process that will keep your company up to date to face the challenges of today's markets.
Through our long lasting work experience, we professionalized and optimized our internal workflows. We use agile project methodologies and organize our daily work around software tools such as Slack, Basecamp or Pivotal Tracker. With the help of extranet solutions and collaborative tools, we work in close partnership and coordination with our clients, creating maximum a transparency and efficiency. It also allows our clients to track the progress of our work on a daily basis and receive a weekly status report with progress and costs.
In agile projects we usually compile diverse development teams, that combine different skills but focus on one common goal. With our inhouse or external developers for backend, web frontend, native app and API, UX designers, DevOps Engineers and IT architects, we bring up and scale powerful teams.
Large development projects need the involvement of the client to translate the requirements into actionable items for the development team. Our product owner support the client to collect and funnel these project requirements. Together we work with agile development to make the project fly.
Over the years we supported various development teams to successfully implement and profit from agile development processes. As every team is individual, it needs to be examined individually - together we figure out which process is the best for you and your team. Our Scrum coaches elaborate processes that are tailor-made for each case, which allows us to find the right process for every team.
To help our clients e.g. UEFA, Sport1, Condé Nast or T-Online to establish a close and productive collaboration and communication between developers and IT professionals. We often advise the implementation of DevOps principles, continuous integration and deployment, automated testing as well as software quality checks. DevOps aims to establish a culture and environment that allows to build, test and release software frequently, rapidly and reliably.